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Cherry Blossom Financial Education Institute | April 6-7, 2017

The 3rd Cherry Blossom Financial Education Institute was held on April 6-7, 2017. Researchers from around the globe presented their work at the George Washington University School of Business. This year’s Institute was sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education.

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Day 1 | April 6, 2017

José Alexandre Vasco, Director of the Office of Investor Protection and Assistance at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil

SESSION 1 | Financial Education and Financial Decision-Making: Insights from Central and South America

Session Chair: Claudia Forte, Financial Education Association of Brazil (AEF – Brazil)

Special Remarks by Session Chair Claudia Forte

Gabriel Garber, Brazilian Central Bank: “Policy-Effective Financial Knowledge and Attitude Factors”
Paper | Presentation

María José Roa Garcia, Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA): “The Importance of Numerical Abilities, Conscientiousness and Financial Literacy in Financial Decision-Making: An Empirical Analysis in the Andean Region”
Paper | Presentation

David Cervantes Arenillas, BBVA Bancomer: “The Impact of Financial Education Workshops on Bank Clients: An Analysis of Administrative Credit Records”

SESSION 2 | Financial Education among Youth

Session Chair: William Walstad, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Adriaan Kalwij, Utrecht University: “The Effects of Financial Education on Financial Literacy and Savings Behavior: Evidence from a Controlled Field Experiment in Dutch Primary Schools”
Paper | Presentation

Elizabeth Odders-White, University of Wisconsin-Madison: “Evaluating Experiential Financial Capability Education: A Field Study of My Classroom Economy”
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Day 2 | April 7, 2017

Special Address: Gender Differences in Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy
Leora Klapper, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, The World Bank

SESSION 3 | Experiments in Financial Decision-Making

Session Chair: Billy Hensley, National Endowment for Financial Education

Sandro Ambuehl, University of Toronto: “Social Transmission of Financial Decision Making Skills. A Case of the Blind Leading the Blind?”
Paper | Presentation

Steve Vernon, Stanford Center on Longevity: “Enhancing Financial Planning among Economically Diverse Populations Using Age-Progression Technology”
Abstract | Presentation

Francesco Saita, Bocconi University: “Nudging Financial and Demographic Literacy: Experimental Evidence from an Italian Trade Union Pension Fund”
Paper | Presentation

SESSION 4 | Navigating Retirement Decisions

Session Chair: Michael Staten, Take Charge America Institute, University of Arizona

Jonathan Reuter, Boston College: “New Evidence on the Demand for Advice within Retirement Plans”
Paper | Presentation

Melinda Sandler Morrill, North Carolina State University: “Annuity Options in Public Pension Plans: The Curious Case of Social Security Leveling”
Paper | Presentation

SESSION 5 | Rising Scholars in Financial Literacy and Financial Education

Session Chair: Annamaria Lusardi, Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, GWU

Ivo Gyurovski, University of Chicago: “Individual Predictors of Financial Outcomes: Parsing out the Predictive Roles of Time Discounting and Financial Literacy”
Paper | Presentation

Thomas Spycher, University of St. Gallen: “Culture and Financial Literacy” Dario Sansone, Georgetown University: “‘Four Bright Coins Shining at Me’: Financial Education in Childhood, Financial Confidence in Adulthood”
Paper | Presentation

Dario Sansone, Georgetown University: “‘Four Bright Coins Shining at Me’: Financial Education in Childhood, Financial Confidence in Adulthood”
Paper | Presentation

Aida Ćumurović, Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH): “Financial Literacy and Self-Employment”
Paper | Presentation

SESSION 6 | The Financial Literacy Gender Gap: New Insights

Session Chair: Janet Bodnar, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Special Remarks by Session Chair Janet Bodnar

Rob Alessie, University of Groningen: “Women, Confidence, and Financial Literacy”
Paper | Presentation

Noriaki Kawamura, Bank of Japan: “Analysis of Behavioral Economics and Gender Differences in Financial Literacy Based on 25,000 Data Points from Japan’s Financial Literacy Survey”
Paper | Presentation




8:30 am - 5:30 pm

The George Washington University School of Business
Washington, D.C.