Fast Lane

About Fast Lane

Developed by experts at GFLEC with support from PwC US, Fast Lane provides research-based guidance and support for students, teachers, school administrators, parents/guardians, policy makers, and community members who are committed to giving students the knowledge and skills they need before they make financial decisions that can profoundly impact their future well-being.

Fast Lane empowers users to

  • learn why financial education matters,
  • educate high school students,
  • connect with other like-minded people, and
  • advocate for financial literacy.

Fast Lane offers evidence-based resources tailored to the diverse needs of individuals who have a stake in the financial future of young people and who want to promote effective high school financial education. Fast Lane includes a rich set of material consisting of interactive tools, customized toolkits, sample lesson plans, and much more.


Webinar: An Introduction to Fast Lane

In this webinar, you will learn all about Fast Lane and how you can best leverage its resources and features.

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