Girl Rising FinLit Curriculum by GFLEC

About the Curriculum

GFLEC and Girl Rising partnered to create financial education lesson plans for K-12 students that correspond with the documentary, Girl Rising. Together, the financial literacy lessons aim to teach students about the many ways in which education and finances are related. Understanding the importance of educational attainment, exploring issues of inequity, learning how to set financial and career goals, and gaining an understanding of philanthropic giving are all outcomes associated with this curriculum.

In the financial literacy curriculum, you will find three lesson plans and two fact sheets relating to financial topics discussed in the film. The lesson plans correspond with several chapters from Girl Rising, each documenting a story of a young girl striving to attain an education in the developing world. Written and produced by some of the world’s leading actors, Girl Rising captivates the viewers’ attention on educational and financial issues facing young people in the world today.


The Financial Empowerment Module

Getting Started
 Introduction to the Financial Empowerment Module ➤
The Opportunity Cost and Evaluating Needs versus Wants lessons are geared towards upper elementary through high school students. Gaining Financial Empowerment is designed for use with middle through high school students.

Upper Elementary ➤   |   Middle School ➤   |   High School ➤

Project Based Lessons
These project based lessons pair with the curriculum worksheets:

Opportunity Cost ➤   |   Wants versus Needs ➤   |   Goal setting ➤   |   Monthly Spending Plan ➤

Fact Sheets
Fact Sheets provide additional context around two themes:

Youth and Money ➤   |   Women and Money ➤