International Federation Of Finance Museums

The mission of the International Federation of Finance Museums (IFFM) is to provide a framework for greater collaboration among museums, facilitating the sharing of exhibits, the exchange of scholarship and scholarly resources, and the interchange of information and knowledge. The IFFM also aims to develop and implement innovative ideas and programs to advance financial literacy globally. IFFM members convene annually at an international conference that inspires innovation in the promotion of financial literacy globally, engaging media, academics, policy makers and the financial industry.

The IFFM launched in June 2013 with GFLEC serving as a founder of and adviser to the federation.

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Membership Benefits:

  • Leveraging best practices among the international community of finance museums
  • Sharing exhibits among member museums
  • Exchanging scholarship on the topics of financial history and financial literacy
  • Expanding access to scholarly resources on financial history and financial literacy
  • Facilitating access to affiliated archives
  • Participating in annual meetings that spur innovation among finance museums globally
  • Increasing exposure with a network that reaches leading media outlets worldwide

Membership Criteria:

  • The prospective member organization should include promoting financial literacy in its mission
  • The organization should have a physical space open to the public
  • The organization should be non-profit. Member organizations may be affiliated with or supported by for-profit entities; member organizations’ activities, however, may not be for commercial purposes or for profit generation
  • The organization should recognize English as the language of the IFFM
  • No financial commitment is required


Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC)
Washington, D.C., USA | Prof. Annamaria Lusardi

Chinese Museum of Finance (CMF)
Tianjin, China | Dr. Wang Wei

Museum of American Finance (MoAF)
New York City, USA | Dr. David Cowen

Museum of Saving (MOS)
Turin, Italy | Dr. Andrea Beltratti


Please click here for information about the annual meetings.


IFFM Annual Meetings Compilation