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The pandemic has ignited a global economic crisis that is devastating individuals and families, and leading to large-scale impacts on business and economic prosperity generally. Deeply rooted inequalities compounded by the pandemic now put societal stability at further risk. That these issues must be addressed is a given; the question is how to find solutions that result in an inclusive recovery, ensuring improvements for all.

To ensure that new policies, regulations, and programs are effectively designed and implemented, decision makers must understand the financial situation of the groups they aim to help; the outcomes of other policies, regulations, and programs; and the research on these topics, including research on financial behaviors. In the Connecting to Reimagine: Money & COVID-19 series, you will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from the experiences of thought leaders from the public, private, and academic sectors. What you learn will support your policy or programmatic work and expand your understanding of how other decision makers are handling problems arising from the pandemic.


The presenters will be drawn from GFLEC’s global network of thought leaders. Attendees will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss policies and solutions during the Q&A portion of the program. The webinars will occur monthly and each will be 45 minutes in length.

This Connecting to Reimagine initiative is born of GFLEC’s leadership in the field of financial literacy and personal finance. We aim to bring together decision makers and thought leaders from various sectors to exchange knowledge and experience, with the ultimate shared vision of improving the financial well-being of people around the world.


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