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Connecting to Reimagine Webinar Recordings

“Financial Literacy and Wellness Among Women” Webinar, November 17, 2020

The Connecting to Reimagine: Money & COVID-19 webinar series continued with a discussion of women’s financial literacy and personal finances and the policies and solutions needed to empower women as economies around the world rebuild from the current crisis. The pandemic and economic crises have widened existing inequalities, as women disproportionately suffer from financial fragility and other negative impacts of this crisis. Women face a variety of unique financial challenges, including lower lifetime income, longer life spans, and career interruptions due to child rearing and caregiving.

In “Financial Literacy and Wellness Among Women,” Nicoletta Zappatini, Managing Director of StormHarbour Securities and a Member of the GFLEC Advisory Council, led a discussion with Annamaria Lusardi, Founder and Academic Director of GFLEC and University Professor at the George Washington University; Flore-Anne Messy, Head of the Financial Affairs Division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Executive Secretary of the International Network on Financial Education (INFE); and Marty Willis, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at TIAA. They discussed strategies to empower women as we navigate through and ultimately recover from this crisis.

“Navigating Retirement Security Through a Pandemic” Webinar, October 27, 2020

The Connecting to Reimagine: Money & COVID-19 webinar series was launched with an in-depth look at the current pension crisis. In response to the economic crisis sparked by COVID-19, many policy makers around the world are allowing workers to withdraw from their retirement accounts. This policy may solve a short-term problem, but at the expense of retirement security in the long-term.


In "Navigating Retirement Security Through a Pandemic," you will hear about the experiences and insights of Chris J. Battaglia, Vice President and Publisher at Pensions & Investments and the CEO of the World Pension Summit; Dame Diana Crossan, the Former Retirement Commissioner of New Zealand and Chair of the GFLEC Advisory Council; and Professor Elsa Fornero, Former Italian Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Equal Opportunities and a Member of the GFLEC Advisory Council.

As the CEO of the World Pension Summit, Battaglia provided the industry perspective about changes in pensions around the world. As Retirement Commissioner, Crossan was instrumental in setting up KiwiSaver, a voluntary retirement savings program in New Zealand. As Minister of Labour, Fornero implemented a major pension reform in Italy and continues to contribute to the ongoing debate in Italy about the pension system.

The first webinar was moderated by Professor Annamaria Lusardi, Founder and Academic Director of GFLEC.

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