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Why the Workplace

Holistic financial wellness programs have the power to establish a more satisfied, engaged, and productive workforce. Beyond an attractive benefit for individual employees, promoting financial capability boosts workplace engagement and productivity. Many companies are implementing new programs to help employees with their finances. Establishing effective workplace programs will be crucial for employers who want to help their workers and help themselves.

Statistics calculated from the 2015 National Financial Capabilities Study


The workplace is a natural fit for financial wellness programs, as it creates a mutually beneficial environment of increased engagement and financial security. Crucial financial decisions are made at work every day, and employers can take advantage of financial milestones (e.g. hiring and promotions) to increase their workers’ financial well-being.

The FORTUNE CEO Initiative

Director Lusardi participated as a panelist at the 2019 FORTUNE CEO Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. In the session, “Delivering Economic Inclusion and Investing in Employee Financial Health,” she spoke about the impact and components of effective workplace financial wellness programs. Learn more about the event here.

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Financial wellness doesn’t need to be expensive. Programs can be customized to meet employee needs within a reasonable budget. For example, companies can choose various types of programs, such as educational seminars, online resources, and financial advising in order to promote a happier and financially healthier workplace.

GFLEC has extensive experience consulting with organizations about successful implementation of financial literacy education programs. We have documented our key findings on the effectiveness and best practices for workplace financial wellness.

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  • Design and implement new financial wellness programs
  • Create financial education apps and online tools
  • Pilot and evaluate the most promising ideas
  • Rely on evidence-based methods

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