A Decade of Milestones

GFLEC is honored to contribute in far-reaching ways to the understanding of why financial literacy matters and is grateful for the partnership of preeminent collaborators, supporters, and partners. At the same time, we are gratified by the acclaim, accolades, and awards we have received for our work.

Although we have spent 10 years connecting research, policy, and solutions, we have barely begun. We will continue to build a global network of researchers to raise the field of financial literacy to the next level. We will continue to translate research into action, including through public policy and financial education. And we will continue to advance research that will help address inequality in financial literacy and financial wellbeing. We know our work can transform lives and turn dreams into reality. We know because we have already seen it happen.

Since 2011, GFLEC has been active in conducting research, disseminating our findings, informing policies, and developing tools and programs. This milestone timeline reflects our highlights through the years.

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