Financial Literacy Policy Perspectives Luncheon Series

This series—which invites financial literacy thought leaders to share their experiences and expertise with academics, policy makers, and industry experts—kicked off in the fall of 2012 with a presentation by Diana Crossan, then Commissioner for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income in New Zealand.

Most recently, on November 29, 2017, we hosted Leonardo P. Gomes Pereira, former Chairman of Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission. He recently stepped down as Chairman and is currently a visiting fellow at Harvard Law School. At the luncheon, he led a discussion on financial and investor education with several U.S. federal agency representatives.

GFLEC’s visiting scholar, Johan Almenberg, spoke at the fourth Financial Literacy Policy Perspectives Luncheon, in December 2014. Up to the recent general election, Johan spent three years working as a political advisor to the former Swedish Minister of Finance Anders Borg, and before that, he served as Deputy Director of the Division for Tax Policy Analysis at the Ministry of Finance. He spoke about household debt and its implications for consumer protection using Sweden as a case study.

Elsa Fornero, Professor of Economics at the University of Turin and former Italian Minister of Labor, spoke at the luncheon series in February 2014. Held in New York City, this luncheon focused on the gender differences seen in financial literacy research and possible ways to address this problem.

Our second policy perspectives luncheon was in honor of Monica Aparicio Smith, the former Director of Colombia’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. She headed that country’s financial literacy policies.


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